A new 10% off SmokeTip coupon is being offered: ECIGREADY. SmokeTip is an electronic cigarette that is designed to replace traditional tobacco cigarettes, saving money and for smoking without the carcinogens found in tobacco. SmokeTip is one of the more well-known e-cig companies.

The SmokeTip e-cig consists of two parts, the cartomizer and the battery. The nicotine is suspended inside the flavor liquid found in the cartomizer. The battery activates the heating unit inside the cartomizer when the smoker “draws in” on the SmokeTip e-cig. Once heated, the flavor liquid turns into water vapor which is pulled into the lungs.

The SmokeTip features 19 different flavors that are available. Plus the level of nicotine can be adjusted to help smokers bring down the amount and eventually quit if they wish. To use the SmokeTip e-cig, the battery must be charged and the cartomizer filled with the flavor liquid. Once fully charged, the battery can last for over 200 “puffs” and recharged quickly as well for all-day smoking pleasure. One of the advantages of the SmokeTip is the excellent, reusable battery and the price when combined with Smoke Tip coupon .

The overall quality of the SmokeTip and extra accessories such as the free battery makes this product one of the better e-cigs on the market.

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