A new 10% off EverSmoke coupon has just been released through E-CIG READY. EverSmoke is an electronic cigarette designed to replace traditional tobacco cigarettes for those who wish to quit smoking, reduce the health risks associated with smoking or to pay less money for their smoking habit.

The EverSmoke Starter Kit comes with two batteries, USB charger, wall adaptor and five cartridges. The nicotine levels in the flavor packages can be manipulated in order to suit the individual smoker. Furthermore, the e-cigs are crafted in such a manner that they have all the appearances of a traditional tobacco cigarette, but they do not contain tobacco or any of the carcinogens as well. The EverSmoke features many different flavors to suit the tastes of smokers.

What separate the EverSmoke from some of their competitors are the three different sizes of batteries that can be chosen. This means that EverSmoke can be enjoyed for longer periods of time and be tuned to the needs of the smoker as well. The fact that the batteries can be quickly recharged and the cartridges themselves are reusable means that smokers can save money over tobacco cigarettes.

EverSmoke has established itself as being one of the premiere electronic cigarette brands in the country. The high quality product, low cost and reusable features make the EverSmoke very desirable for those who wish to save money, especially with the EverSmoke discount .

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Jennifer Laughlin
Hollywood, CA
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