A Vapestick review has been published about the Vapestick electronic cigarette. The review is part of the E Cig Hub website which reviews a number of electronic cigarettes sold in the UK. The Vapestick review covers what the product consists of, how it works, and the cost and provides an overall opinion of its quality.

The Vapestick is one of the most popular electronic cigarettes in the UK. The electronic cigarette is a device that resembles a traditional tobacco cigarette, but instead is a cartomizer that contains a liquid flavor pouch with nicotine, an atomizer and battery. When the smoker draws in on the Vapestick, the battery activates the atomizer which heats the flavor liquid. The liquid turns to water vapor that is then drawn into the lungs.

The review covers the Vapestick, the products that are contained in the Starter Kit and an evaluation about the overall quality. Starter kits for the Vapestick generally include the cartomizers, battery, charger and an assortment of flavors. The Vapestick electronic cigarette offers a number of different size Starter kits that range from budget to deluxe. The review covers in general what is included, but offers an in depth report about how the Vapestick functions overall. For those considering whether to purchase the Vapestick, the review contains valuable information that can help them make the best informed decision. The review itself covers a number of important points for consideration.

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