New Smoke Relief reviews are now available to the public. Smoke Relief is one of the more popular brands of electronic cigarettes in the UK. This new review helps those who might be thinking of purchasing this product with valuable information about Smoke Relief.

Smoke Relief is a brand of electronic cigarettes that do not use tobacco, but instead deliver the sensation of smoking using cartomizers. A cartomizer has all the appearances of a standard tobacco cigarette, but instead is a hard plastic shell that contains nicotine in a flavor liquid. Electronic cigarette products like Smoke Relief do not use tobacco nor have the carcinogens found in inside tobacco products.

The Deluxe Kit offered by Smoke Relief provides 2 batteries, 10 cartomizers with different flavors inside, a USB cable and mains charger. The Smoke Relief review touches upon these items and how each of the elements stands up against the competition. In addition, the review provides a more complete picture of the Smoke Relief product. From the different flavors to evaluations of the product in how it performs, the review of Smoke Relief provides a clearer picture of the capabilities of this product so potential customers can have the best information. The website which features the Smoke Relief review also contains other reviews of electronic cigarette products found in the UK as well.

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