A new review of the Sky Cig electronic cigarette is now available online. The review about the Sky Cig focuses on the components, price and overall effectiveness of the product. The Sky Cig is an electronic cigarette designed to produce the effects of smoking without using tobacco.

The SkyCig review explains the basic function of electronic cigarettes and how they operate. The Sky Cig is primarily designed for those who either want to quit smoking or reduce the cost of their smoking habit. The Sky Cig does not contain tobacco or the carcinogens that have been linked to causing cancer. The Sky Cig in particular uses the standard equipment found in many electronic cigarette starter kits.

The Sky Cig e-cigarette kit comes with the following items:

- 2 Batteries
- 1 Pack of Cartomizers
- USB & a Wall Charger
- Portable Charging Case

What is noted in the Sky Cigs review is how the Sky Cig offers a relatively low initial cost for the product. However, the issue of refill cartridges is also addressed as well. One of the more interesting aspects of the Sky Cig, which is the unusual charging system, is discussed. Both the pros and the cons of the device are covered which provide an overview on whether this particular product is recommended.

To read the review and find out more about the SkyCig UK , please go to E-CIG HUB. You will find all the relevant information about this product.

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