A new 10% off Sky Cig coupon code is now being offered for purchasing products on SkyCig: BESTECIGUK. The Sky Cig electronic cigarette is one of the more popular, lower priced e-cigs on the market. Sporting a number of features, the Sky Cig has proven to be one of the better values in terms of electronic cigarettes.

The Sky Cig is an electronic cigarette designed to take the place of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Instead of using tobacco, the Sky Cig is a cartomizer in the shape of a cigarette that contains nicotine in a flavor package. A battery at the end activates the atomizer which heats the liquid flavor inside the cartomizer when the smoker draws in. Water vapor is created and brought into the lungs, then released. There is no smoke or carcinogens associated with tobacco in this product.

The standard Sky Cig starter kit includes two batteries, one pack of cartomizers, a USB & wall charger and a portable charging case. Unlike many other brands of electronic cigarettes, the USB & wall charger only charge the portable charging case and cannot charge individual batteries. The Sky Cig starter kit comes with five different flavors, menthol, cherry, vanilla and two versions of tobacco. The refill cartridges can be ordered from Sky Cig when needed. Overall, Sky Cig provides a complete experience for smokers who wish to quit or find a less expensive means of smoking, especially when considering the SkyCig voucher offered.

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