A new ROK electronic cigarette review has gone public on E-CIG HUB. The ROK is one of the leading retailers of electronic cigarettes in the UK. ROK offers a number of different starter kits and e-cig packages designed for those who want to either save money on tobacco or quit smoking altogether.

The ROK e-cig has the appearance of tobacco cigarette, but instead a hard plastic cartomizer holds flavor liquid that contains nicotine. When the smoker inhales on the cartomizer, the liquid inside heats up and turns into water vapor. The water vapor is then brought into the lungs with none of the carcinogens of tobacco. This means that the ROK e-cig is safe to use in public and represents no danger to those around the ROK smoker.

Currently, there are five different ROK Universal starter kits that can be ordered. They range from the inexpensive hardpack to the ROK Star performance package. All of these electronic cigarettes have the appearance of a traditional tobacco cigarette except for the Star which looks like a fountain pen when not being used. The ROK electronic cigarette features a relatively low price, has excellent flavors and has a relatively longer battery life than many of its competitors. This makes the ROK one of the better choices for those who want to use an electronic cigarette whether for paying less money or ultimately kicking the habit.

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Elizabeth Morgan
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