A new 20% discount code is now being offered for NuCig electronic cigarette . NuCig is one of the new breeds of e-cigs. Designed to provide smokers with the nicotine they need without using tobacco, NuCig is now available at 20% off the standard price.

NuCig is an electronic cigarette that has been around for several years offering a wide line of e-cig products. There are a number of different starter kits offered by NuCig that range from the “Ultimate” to the disposable sets. The Advanced Pro Mini Kit offers a single USB charger, one cartomizer and one battery. This is the perfect starting kit for those who want to sample NuCig without having to pay more for it.

The electronic cigarette offered by NuCig is essentially a cartomizer in the shape of a tobacco cigarette. But instead of tobacco, the cartomizer contains a flavor liquid that include nicotine. When the smoker draws in on the cartomizer, the liquid is heated which then creates water vapor. The vapor then enters the lungs delivering the nicotine. NuCig does not carry any of the carcinogens found in tobacco and is perfectly safe to use in public.

For those who are satisfied with the NuCig experience, larger kits are available for order. Plus, customers can save money by ordering refill cartomizers in bulk. This means that customers can enjoy even deeper discounts to save them money while using this product. For more information about the NuCig review and other NuCig reviews that is currently being offered, please go to E-CIG HUB.

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