A new Intellicig review is now available. The review of Intellicig covers all the important aspects of the product so customers can make the best informed choices. The review is part of a larger series of reviews that are now available on the E-CIG HUB website.

Intellicig is an electronic cigarette that has the appearance of a traditional tobacco cigarette, but it does not contain any tobacco. The Intellicig uses a cartomizer and battery that work together to heat the flavor liquid inside. The liquid turns into water vapor when drawn into the lungs.

The review found about the Intellicig UK offers valuable insight to those who may be interested in purchasing the product. For example, the review highlights how Intellicig is one of the few electronic cigarette companies that offer both the two and three piece cartomizer models. One of the Intellicig Starter Kits comes with a single vapor device, five refills, and a single battery and USB charger. The review examines the function of these devices and offers information about their use and performance. The purpose of which is to give a fair evaluation of the product and provide information that can be useful for those who are considering using electronic cigarettes. Furthermore, there are reviews of other electronic cigarettes on the website.

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