There is a new E-Lites review for the E-Lites electronic cigarette. As one of the largest electronic cigarette firms in the UK, the E-Lites have been ordered by over 600,000 customers. E-Lites come in a variety of starter kits that are suited for the budget of the purchaser.

E-Lites are electronic cigarettes that carries the appearance of a traditional tobacco cigarette, but no tobacco is used in the product. Instead, the E-Lites have nicotine inside a liquid flavor cartomizer that is heated when the smoker draws in on the product. The result is that the liquid is turned into water vapor and drawn into the lungs. With none of the carcinogens found in tobacco, E Lites ecig are safe to use in public areas.

There are two starter kits that are currently available for E-Lites, the basic and the E-Pro. The E-Pro features five cartomizers, two batteries, a USB charging cable, a USB to Mains adaptor and a portable charging case along with a user’s guide. The portable charging case is very similar in appearance to the Marlboro’s traditional red and white cigarette hard pack. The E-Lites feature a number of satisfying flavors, extended battery life for long lasting enjoyment and a top notch appearance that is well crafted. The portable charging case recharges the batteries wherever a person may go.

E-Lites are generally considered one the top brands of electronic cigarettes on the market today. To read E Lites reviews and find out more about the E-Lites electronic cigarettes , please go to E-CIG HUB.

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