09 February 2016, Venice, Italy— Sabrina Luxury Collection is pleased to announce the release of a free ebook entitled “Luxury Villa Rentals Collection”. Signing up at the website of Sabrina, luxury villa rentals expert is all that is required to gain access to tips and suggestions about the trends in luxury travel accommodations slated for 2016. The e-book “Luxury Villa Rentals Trend 2016” is available at http://www.sabrinaluxurycollection.com. It is about new entries and unique villas with unforgettable atmospheres. Travelers will experience not only the feeling to stay in a villa, but also the atmosphere of the place, the amenities and the services.

Experienced travelers and newbies alike know that there are benefits in leaving the travel planning to the experts. There are thousands of details that can be involved in arranging a notable luxury vacation. Particularly when the travel is international, there are benefits in allowing all of the tedious details to be handled by the professional planner, so that the the traveler can enjoy the leisure of a luxury vacation. Hiring the right person ensures that all of the specific requirements are met for traveling in a specific location.

The year 2016 is expected to offer some significant and exciting changes in the travel industry, particularly in the luxury villa rental industry. There have been mergers, acquisitions, more rental professionals and more VR partner services. The additional improvement in the area of bookings will improve the traveler's experience. In order to take advantage of the luxury travel changes in 2016, prompt action is necessary, since more people are taking advantage of the opportunities.

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