Evelyn Ryan is the subject of a new documentary called EMPATH

New York, NY - Nationally syndicated talk show host Frank MacKay today announced the release of Empath(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IziuqdH_YTM), a documentary film about the life of author and life coach, Evelyn Ryan from Stockton, California. The film, co-produced by MacKay and Lee DioGuardi Buono, is about understanding the complex nature of abusive relationships and the difficulties of dealing with people whom Ryan refers to as “narcissists” who are toxic abusers who manipulate kind empathetic people, "empaths," to gain power and control.

Evelyn, an empath herself, has developed an extensive body of research on the issue and is an expert in topics surrounding abuse and recovery, building self-esteem and helping people heal after living with an abusive partner or surviving from childhood trauma.

Her newest book, Take Your Power Back: Healing Lessons, Tips, and Tools for Abuse Survivors, provides practical advice and a proven path to follow to fully regenerate one’s life and live trauma free. She helps individuals discover their authentic selves and the root causes of their emotional pain and develop a healing path forward to become the true empowered authentic versions rather than wounded versions of themselves.

The film, Empath, complements the book and is an enlightening and riveting documentary about Evelyn and her own life journey of healing from child abuse and her aunt's suicide to becoming a mother, healer, expert, and best-selling author.

The film will soon be released on AMAZON, and is now available on Turning Point TV on YOUTUBE and on www.frankmackaymedia.com/documentaries.

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