In a nutshell, Natasha is self-taught in every aspect relating to her musical career. She wrote her first song at the age of 12 and then started to expand. First by learning to sing, then to play guitar and piano and finally to produce. Despite not being from a musical background or having any musical friends, Natasha had always been drawn to music. She wasn’t surrounded by any musical people so she tried to learn everything she could about music herself.

”I went online and started listening to famous artists on YouTube whether it came to Eric Clapton for guitar playing or Celine Dion for singing and then I tried to emulate what they were doing. I also looked up lyrics to songs I liked and learnt the craft of songwriting by reading hundreds and hundreds of lyrics.”

In 2006, YouTube started making waves and so did Natasha. She was not known then as Natasha Nicholls, but simply Natasha. Her father was watching the news one day and told her that a new video website had been launched called ‘YouTube’ and that people were posting covers on there for the world to see. Inspired by this, Natasha decided to give this a go as well. She posted covers by artists she admired and was influenced by such as Aerosmith, Bon Jovi and Keane. She also posted instrumentals of her original songs that surpassed the view counts of her cover songs! Slowly but gradually her view counts started to rise and they raked up numbers in the millions (On a side note; Natasha has removed most of these videos recently because they were a bit blurred and not HD quality). She was featured in the most subscribed YouTube musician list in 2007 because at the time she had one of the most YouTube subscribers in the world. Interestingly enough, Justin Bieber was one of Natasha’s first subscribers on YouTube before he hit the big time.

The worldwide audience that was watching Natasha’s videos on YouTube started to also follow her on her other social media profiles as well. Many of them are still with her today. Natasha tries to respond to every comment sent to her on all her profiles. She does not see her followers as fans, but as friends.

”I see myself as a ‘100% procent’ artist.” A term Natasha coined herself. She likes to be involved in every aspect of her musical career. Starting with the music, right up to the branding and marketing. She writes all of her own songs and can hear the production of her songs already in her head while writing them. She mostly comes up with her song ideas while she is sleeping at night. Hence why the title of her upcoming EP is called ‘Back To My Dreams’. She also plays multiple instruments such as the guitar, piano and cajon and can even create beats with her computer. Natasha also has a clear musical identity and knows exactly who she wants to be brand wise. ”I want to be known as a good girl but with a naughty side,” Natasha says.

But what it boils down to is the music she is making right now. As a child she was of course into bands popular at the time; such as the Spice Girls, but what really got her pulse racing was rock music. Especially rock music from the 80’s such as Bon Jovi, Aerosmith and Survivor. She played their records over and over again and never got tired of listening to them. However, she still loved her pop music and she still does, but her love for 80’s rock never died. So when it came to creating her own music (her debut EP will be released later this year) she decided to incorporate 80’s rock with the current trends in pop music resulting in quite an interesting but a very pleasing and innovative sound.

So what is in store for 2016? Natasha hopes to get her EP entitled ‘Back to My Dreams’ released later this year and then see where the wind will blow. She’s been asked to perform at a couple of venues including a haunted castle, so it could be indeed quite an interesting year. To stay in touch with Natasha, be sure to subscribe to her newsletter and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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