(Free Press Release) Makati City ,Metro Manila - Located right in the middle of the Philippine Island's major metropolis, the Dusit Thani Manila hotel represents what living in the lap of luxury truly entails. Out of all the competing hotels that the luxury hotel Philippines contingent has to offer, Dusit Thani Manila proves to be among the cream of the crop. From inside and out, you'll be spellbound by what this hotel has to offer, especially considering the fact that it's in the middle of a city filled with sprawling tourist attractions, convention centers, popular social hubs, historical sites, and urban splendors galore.

The thing about Dusit Thani Manila is that extravagance is what defines each category, which means that all of these rooms are complete in terms of facilities, utilities, and amenities—from bathroom paraphernalia to cable television—and lavishness is what separates them from each other. Besides which, the staff and crew of Dusit Thani Manila embodies Filipino hospitality and professionalism to the hilt so you're assured of attentive service every time.

One other thing that separates Dusit Thani Manila from all the other competing luxury hotels (Philippines) is its dedication to keeping the guests occupied and satisfied 24/7. To wit, this avant-garde hotel features ten banqueting and meeting rooms that's perfect for accommodating parties of ten to one thousand guests at a time, the physically-and-mentally-soothing services of the revitalizing Devarana Spa, the DFiT Fitness Center's cutting-edge gym and exercise facilities that should pump you up and keep you in beach-body shape even while on vacation at this hotel, a Grand Ballroom straight out of a fairytale castle of sorts, and many other recreational programs that are among the best in Asia and arguably the world.

What that means is that in this hotel, there is never a dull moment. Because of its deluxe accommodations, splendid activities, and complete utilities, the Dusit Thani Manila will tantalize all five of your senses with a unique hotel experience that's nearly spiritual in scope and grandness.

Feel free to satisfy your need for epicurean delights via the Dusit Thani Manila hotel's all-inclusive cornucopia of world-class dishes and cuisines. The hotel's impressive array of restaurants and, in effect, dining options should offer you a fine dining palette of zestful, premium-grade flavors that will tantalize your taste buds and then some. To put it simply, Dusit

Resource Box: The Philippines is a place everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime because it offers everything a tourist would ever want in an archipelago: Friendly people, delicious cuisine, affordable goods, culture-rich places both old and new, and an escape from the drudgery of everyday life. Book a luxury hotel Philippines today for a vacation to remember.