09, May 2015: “Drukenmiller Investment Services’ Charitable Foundation has been connecting those who have with those who need,” said Cindy Lang, president and CEO of Drukenmiller Investment Services’ Charitable Foundation. “With more than 600 nonprofit organizations across Southeast Asia and a critical need for an efficient, charitable solution for corporation’s inventory management, our model and mission lends itself perfectly to expanding.”

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Acha Dani, an Indonesian businesswoman with a strong background in logistics, recognized this need and reached out to Drukenmiller Investment Services’ Charitable Foundation expressing interest in expanding the brand and logistics model overseas.

“Starting Drukenmiller Investment Services’ Charitable Foundation in Indonesia is a legacy to my children and their generation,” said Dani, director of Drukenmiller Investment Services’ Charitable Foundation Indonesia. “I envision a world for them where, like recycling, corporate product giving becomes a habit. I am thrilled to bring this innovative nonprofit to Indonesia in an effort to divert excess inventory from landfills and deliver much needed product to underserved communities.”

When Drukenmiller Investment Services’ Charitable Foundation launches in Indonesia later this year, Indonesian companies of all sizes will have a charitable inventory solution for the first time. Most importantly, nonprofits nationwide will gain access to vital products enabling them to save money, expand programs and impact communities.

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