DOT is short for Department of Transportation and a drug testing consortium follows the testing guidelines determined by the DOT. In order to make the testing process easier and more efficient, companies have to follow the regulations and to make everything possible for mistakes to be minimized. A consortium is an ensemble of businesses that join forces for a common purpose. The purpose of the drug testing consortium is to meet the drug and alcohol federal testing laws. Those who are advised to follow a program, but don’t do it due to various reasons, have to pay the fines intended.


We all depend on means of transportation nowadays, no matter if airlines, railroads, tracking and so. This means that our safety is usually in the hands of someone else’s. We always want to take the highest safety precautions and to arrive to a destination safe and sound. But there are cases in which it does not depend entirely on us, but on employees and how they react and how they present to work. Negligence can occur due to using illegal drugs or alcohol and these are the situations that a drug testing consortium wants to avoid. The main goal of such programs is to eliminate the risk of hiring employees with a drug or alcohol problem, but also employees who are facing such situations.


A drug testing consortium program is required by law and it helps eliminate work accidents by creating a safer environment for everyone. Joining such a consortium is not such a big expense and it should be considered by any company in the business. individuals and companies that activate in the transporting industry are required to belong to a group that meets strict requirements given by the government and other organizations. A drug testing consortium will determine when a person should undergo the required testing procedures. More than that, they certify the results are accurate and report them to the companies in discussion.


This is why it is vital to choose a drug testing business with a wide experience in the field and with programs accepted by government agencies, such as FAA, DOT, FMCSA and DHS. Such a company should be able to conduct several testing procedures, including pre-employment, random testing, after an occurred accident and so. And as many such companies activate online, there is always the possibility of finding a drug testing consortium online. Several aspects must be analyzed, including quality standards and customer satisfaction.


Perhaps some companies in the transportation industry are confused or unaware of all the laws applied and the regulations. This is also an aspect that a drug testing consortium can cover up, offering all information on the subject, assistance and services. Every company should have drug and alcohol-free employees and there are situations in which such aspects are overlooked. But when people’s safety is endangered, there is no excuse not to join a drug testing consortium.



A drug testing consortium should be authorized by FAA and DOT, complying with the regulations and assuring customer satisfaction and high quality testing. Companies affiliated with the transportation industry are required to consider a drug testing consortium.