What do you do when you want to have just the perfect party? When you want to be sure that everyone will not only have a fantastic time, but will also remember the party that you threw. The party that makes you think about what will happen in the future. After a few years, you can meet with your friends and talk about that party that everyone remembers and think about what everyone else is doing or have a laugh about the time when John jumped in the pool dressed or when Laurie laughed so hard that her pants just cracked and she had to wear Leslie's yoga pants. Can drinking games such as the drinking card game guarantee the success of the party?


Well, a good party doesn't consist only of drinking games or a drinking card game. If you want your party to be appreciated and remembered over the years by everyone, then you have to take into consideration a few things. The first thing is to take it easy when it comes to the planning. Going all monster with your friends that are helping you organise everything will stress everyone out and no one will be able to actually enjoy the party. So, do not let stress get to you and don't complicate things when you can use simple solutions. Especially if we're talking about friends, things should go pretty smooth.


Instead of stressing about all the details regarding the party, just make a list with the most crucial things such as where will the party be held at, what is the theme of the party, what kind of music do you want to have, who will be invited, what snacks should you be serving and decide upon the drinking games that you and your guests will play. You do not have to do everything alone so just meet with your closest friends and make these decisions together. Moreover, you can delegate, meaning that you can ask someone to take care of the music and someone else to take care of the food. You just have to be there and make sure that no one forget anything regarding the party.


One of the most enjoyable games is the drinking card game because there are very small chances that you will guess the card. This means that if you want everyone to get into a good mood instantly, then this game is the perfect one. What do you have to do now, before starting to do anything else? Choose a date, preferably in the weekend, so that you have a day or two to recover from the heavy partying and start calling your friends. The party will surely be awesome if you just follow these tips.



Do you want your party to be unforgettable and a real success? Do you want everyone to have fun and to be friendly with everyone? Then you should consider playing one of the drinking games available out there such as the drinking card game. Take a look at our great game and make sure that everyone is having fun. Just play it!