China - Goji berry is very traditional China food medicine. As the former experience of long history, this kind of berry products has many better functions for people¡¯s body health. Today, famous Goji China supplier Panda Foods Ltd will introduce all main medicial function of this famous Chinese food medicine.

First, the Goji berry has very good protective function for liver. From the practical medical cases, it could help to prevent the fatty liver. The principle is that some crucial elements in the Goji berry can inhibit the deposition of fat in the liver cells and promote the new born of new liver cells.

Secondly, the Goji berries could also help to improve people¡¯s eye function. The Goji berry wholesale has the richly content of carotene essential nutritional vitamins A1, B1, B2, C and calcium, iron and other necessary substances which are very healthy to people¡¯s eyes. That should be the main reason why this kind of berries is so good to eyesight. There were many ancient physicians who used this berry as one crucial medicine to treating liver blood deficiency, dim vision and night blindness which caused by week of kidney.

The third main function is the good prevention for cancer. The Goji berry has significantly inhibiting for the formation and proliferation of cancer cells. The result of contemporary experiments and clinical applications shows with people that the Goji berry can significantly enhance and improve the immune function and physiological function of elderly people, infirm people and cancer patients. It has a strong function to reduce the body.

Fourthly, if people could eat suitable amount of Goji berries at everyday, they will find that their body could be full of energy full day. That is to say the Goji berry has very good anti-fatigue function. The principle is that the Goji berry can significantly increase muscle glycogen and liver glycogen reservation so that it could better improve human vitality and prevent people¡¯s body fatigue.

The last main feature of the Goji berry should be its good performance for anti-aging. Dried Goji berries are richly of nutrients proteoglycans, vitamin C, phosphorus, iron and many other good substances. People could use these berries to making medicine, tea, sparkling wine, broth and others. If people could often drink it, they could get good effect to let their body become stronger and stronger. On the other hand, one of the effectively substances in Goji berries should be the LBP which is good for bone marrow cells . This substance is also very good for the immune parameters of people¡¯s body and can significantly improve the SOD content of blood superoxide dismutase, liver and muscle tissue. The SOD is very benefit to the removal of reactive oxygen species and then the aging and fatigue speed of people¡¯s body will be reduce.

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