Executive Producer Drew Levin announced today his company Initiative Productions‘ new reality slate. Heading the list are two unscripted equestrian series, Horse Chasers and Horse Sense, both of which have already garnered strong interest from multiple networks.

Drew Levin has a solid track record both in the reality genres, with Executive Producer credits including Hollywood Stuntmakers, Superstars of Action and many others.

Horse Chasers takes us into the world of the wranglers, cowboys and trainers at one of America‘s top horse rescue and adoption agencies, who work with the US Bureau of LandManagement to help capture and corral the magnificent wild mustangs of the American West.But wait, mentions the producer Drew S Levin, capturing the horses is just the beginning!

Then Drew S Levin and team helps find loving people and families to adopt them, and helps the people and horses learn to live together in such harmony that the horse literally thinks he‘s found a new herd. It‘s the high action of the chase blended with the heartfelt emotions that develop between humans and horses as our team breaks the horses without breaking their spirits.

Horse Sense is the first competitive reality show set in one of the most competitive settings in the world, thoroughbred racing. The show opens with the selection of five couples with no prior horse racing or training experience, but with love for horses, and a strong desire to someday own a racing stable. Each couple is a $20,000 stake and is paired with a top trainer who immerses them in the world of claiming races, where any horse in a race can be bought for a pre-set price. For more information please log on: http://www.drewlevin.info/