Who doesn't want a piece of Halloweenie candy?  Judging by the response across social media, Sam from the Savvy Dachshunds makes a fantastic 3 Musketeer.  Many people are wondering if it's cheesy to dress their doggie up for Halloween and the answer is no.  It can be more cute and fun than ever.

October 17, 2015 -- For a great many people Halloween is a favorite Holiday, if not THE favorite holiday.  So why shouldn't the dogs in the house get in on the fun?  Well the team behind the Savvy Dachshunds certainly agree, and have gotten their start early.  The adorable, good natured Sam recently found himself dressed up as piece of Halloweenie candy, posing with what's almost a smile across the Savvy Dachshunds social media pages.  People certainly seem to agree he makes a fine 3 Musketeer — as the photos have become quite a viral hit.  So far there's over 800 shares on Facebook, 3000 likes and that's not even counting Instagram and Twitter.  And the number continues to grow.

“Yes, we love Halloween and really any excuse to dress up our furry friends and most of the time they like it too,” commented one of the owners, of the three adorable dogs.  “We even have our own line of dog clothes, which are good fun should we inspire any of our readers to join in with their own pets.”

The Savvy Dachshunds Dog Boutique features adorable dog clothes designed for the unique body and shape of the Dachshund and mini-Dachshund.  All hand made with care and love.

A safe bet is that with Halloween approaching fast, fans haven't seen the last of the Savvy Dachshunds in Halloween costumes.  Can anything be as impossibly cute as Sam as a Halloweenie 3 Musketeer?  That's a hard question to answer, but the safe bet is they will certainly try and have good fun along the way.

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