Dreamhost is a technologically advanced website hosting service provider with an awesome reputation for delivering what they promise. With eleven years of varied experience in the field of webhosting, what make them stand apart from the crowd are their unique facilities that they provide in terms of managing databases, domains and e-mails. Their Dreamhost Coupon Code offers to their clients, unlimited web hosting which include unlimited storage, bandwidth, databases and domains. You can conveniently load all your images, video files and HTML files to your server that is relevant to your site. Personal backups are also available up to 50 GB of disk space if you need to upload or backup your computer to their services.

Dreamhost coupons offer php, ruby on rails, perl, python and mysql apart from other services normally available with other webhost services. In addition shell access, webdav and full CGI access are also available. Compare the facilities offered by the competition and you will realize that there are several huge advantages of using Dreamhost Coupon Code.

Those who need access to higher technology in webhosting can avail of reliable LAMP hosting services, unlimited SVN hosting, Quicktime media streaming, Amazon Cloudfront integration and Integrated Flash Media conversion among other facilities. What really sets them apart from other similar service providers is their easy to use control panel which allows you to manage operations, like installing wordpress with the click of a key and back up all your accounts without any hassle.

Some interesting features of Dreamhost Coupon Code include free domain registration. By using a Dreamhost invitation you can easily save more than $50 by signing up for a one to two year plan. The coupons are limited to $50, which means you can waive off your initial setup fee or get $50 off on the yearly plans. For those who do not have too many websites to manage, the ideal thing to do would be to sign up for the Dreamhost coupon and get a waiver on the setup fees. For those who have multiple domain names to manage, the Dreamhost Coupon Benice2 can work wonders.

Eleven years of experience in running a successful and profitable webhosting company has made no difference to the company‘s policy of being frank and open about their problems. Their monthly newsletter not only lists their achievements and latest developments, but also shares with their clients any problems that they might be facing regarding server or other issues. In fact they offer their customers a 97 day guarantee. Unsatisfied customers can claim refund within this period if they feel that their interests are not being served.

Excellence in providing customer service and innovation in marketing strategies has placed them on the very top of webhosting industry. Satisfied clients swear by their expertise in advanced services such as SVN, Ruby Integration, Debian Linux and related technologies. Dreamhost Coupon Code allows you to have these advanced services for less than $10 a month, much cheaper when compared to prevailing rates in the market.

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