Dream Shuttles, a Denver limousine service , offers the best rates for weekday party buses. For only $299 transportation to your next event can be provided for 6 outrageously fun hours on a luxury party bus. Whether planning a bachelorette party, a ride to prom or a simple night out on the town Dream Shuttles offers sophisticated limo service for all passengers. There are several packages to choose from, customized and dependent on the type of event that is planned.

This party bus company strives to provide safe, reliable transportation for all active night-goers who thrive on the Boulder party scene. It's great to have fun, but more important to be safe. Adam Kulikowski, owner and founder of Dream Shuttles, states, "I have always enjoyed having an active night life but was overly concerned about how reckless people were being in the Boulder area. I was hearing too often that people were involved in driving accidents while under the influence. There is no reason to get behind the wheel after having a drink. This is why I established Dream Shuttles. My goal is to provide my customers with a night to remember, not a night to forget."

For all outings, regardless of the occasion, let Dream Shuttles take care of what's important.

About Dream Shuttles:

Dream Shuttles strives to provide the best transportation service possible. The safety of passengers remains the highest priority at all times. Dream Shuttles enforces passenger safety by maintaining the latest technology and most rigorous personal training. Passengers’ needs always come first, which is why the company has dedicated their business to providing reliable, prompt, first class service to each and every customer. Dream Shuttles guarantees complete professionalism and high class service in every ride, coupled with a holistic dedication to ethical and environmentally sustainable practice’s in every aspect of the company's business.

For More Information:
Dream Shuttles Inc
3043 7th St
Boulder, Colorado 80304
Telephone: 720-334-2946
Email: [email protected]