Wrightsboro Road Dental Clinic's Dr. Zohra hopes to bring old-fashioned family dentistry into the 21st century with focus on preventative care, patient education

Augusta, GA, Nov. 16, 2016 — Wrightsboro Road Dental Clinic's new website features a surprising emphasis on the clinic's philosophy — one that dentist and owner Dr. Fatima Zohra hopes will separate her practice from others in Augusta.

Zohra writes on the company's website that the clinic specifically aims to emphasize “prevention and maintenance of excellent oral health for a lifetime” and provide basic oral care education to all of her patients. She believes her “conservative dentistry” with more emphasis on preventative measures such as cleaning regularly and fixing problems early will save patients from expensive, painful surgeries — though she and her staff are perfectly prepared to do surgeries as well.

Her focus on everyday care and preventative family dentistry has already won her some glowing testimonials from members of the community, which may be viewed on Wrightsboro Road Dental Clinic's website. She and her staff hope to continue growing the practice as they enter 2017, bringing their unique brand of personal care and 21st century training and technology to as many patients as possible.

Beyond their dental philosophy, the staff at the clinic express their old-fashioned family care philosophy in other ways, such as including short biographies for every staff member of their website so as to help regular patients get to know everyone who works at the practice.

Zohra believes that creating these kinds of close bonds with every patient is essential not only for expanding and maintaining her business, but for helping customers stay healthy by providing them with regular cleanings and personalized, nuanced advice on how best to care for themselves between visits.

About Fatima Zohra
Dr. Zohra has attended Khyber College of Dentistry, the Royal College of Surgeons, and University of Illinois (where she received her DDS). She has practiced at Wrightsboro Road Dental Clinic since purchasing it from its former owner in 2008.

About Wrightsboro Road Dental Clinic
Wrightsboro Road Dental Clinic came into its current incarnation under Dr. Zohra in 2008 and has been serving Augusta and surrounding communities with preventative care, patient education, cosmetic services, and major surgeries since then. It is located at 1414 Marks Church Road in Augusta 30909 and may be contacted directly with the information provided below.

Dr. Fatima Zohra
Wrightsboro Road Dental Clinic
1414 Marks Church Road
Augusta, GA 30909
Phone: (706) 738-6735
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://wrdcaugusta.com