Oxford, England - Noted Nutritional Doctor and Consultant Dr. Phillip Osmond Clark has just unveiled his new Paleo Diet Program - The Paleo Weight Loss Blueprint

This program, now available through the online educational resourse Udemy, presents Dr Clark's common sense approach to Weight Loss and optimum health.

"My intention was to present the Paleo approach to health in a complete and easily understandable way. I find too many existing Paleo Health programs unecessarily complex and difficult to follow." Dr. Clark explained.

"Therefore, He continued, I wanted to cut through the confusion and present an easily followed program. One that would enable students to immediately take action and receive the benefits of following the Paleo Regime ."

One of the most knowledgeable nutritionists, Dr. Clark began his career by giving a series of free lectures throughout England to raise public awareness on the importance of a healthy, fat free diet.

He was subsequently invited by a Swiss industrialist to develop a Paleo Dietary Regime for the businessman and his employees. Since that time, Dr. Clark has consulted with a wide range of businesses, schools, hospital and orphanages to further his mission of optimum health for all.

"There are far too many fad diets today. Breathlessly promoted as the quick, easy way to weight loss and health. Not only are the majority of these 'quick fixes' nutritionally unsound - many pose real dangers to health."

"On the other hand, the Paleo Regime is 100% safe, nutritionally sound, and offers an incredible variety of tasty food choices. Contrary to popular opinion a Paleo Diet is NOT difficult to follow, or tastless and boring!"

Dr. Clark is currently writing a series of books extolling the benefits of the Paleo Regime. The first in the series "Retro Health - Paleo Nutrition Nijas" will be released shortly.

Felicity Partridge
Media Relations Co-Ordinator
Soulmuse Media
[email protected]