Dr. Jason Tirado owns and operates the USA Chiropractic Neck & Back Pain Relief  Center. In his latest blog post, Dr. Tirado announces his ‘secret weapon’ for women suffering with pregnancy related lower back pain (PLBP); something he has never discussed before.

West New York, NJ (FOR RELEASE) February 4, 2016 -- Dr. Jason Tirado is the founder of USA Chiropractic Neck & Back Pain Center, the leader in caring for women who suffer with pregnancy-related low back pain (PLBP).  His website and blog contains over 200 articles and videos on the subject of neck pain and back pain during pregnancy. You can access his blog at http://www.westnewyorkchiropractor.com/pregnancy-can-i-visit-a-chiropractor-while-pregnant/.

Pregnancy-related low back pain (PLBP) can be a highly debilitating syndrome that accounts for the most common cause of sick leave for pregnant women. In 2004, Americans spent $26.1 billion dollars in an effort to find relief from back pain during pregnancy (PLBP). Statistics show one out of ten women will experience daily disabling PLBP for at least two years following delivery.

To combat PLBP, Dr. Tirado has pioneered a gentle, safe method for treating women with PLBP. This method when combined with the use of a special table that allows for the expecting mom to lay face down comfortably, his treatments can provide safe, effective relief for expecting moms with lower back pain.

“This is my secret weapon for treating pregnant women suffering with lower back pain.” Dr. Tirado explains that this could be a turning point for women with PLBP, especially if they have been suffering and have no other alternative than taking medication which may pose a risk to the fetus.

Of course, low back pain is not the only problem pregnant women encounter. Dr. Tirado often treats neck and upper back pain as well. Either way, expecting moms are treated with special, gentle care that will not cause harm to your baby.

Dr. Tirado makes it clear that his method is particularly effective for pregnant women who have “tried everything” to get rid of their lower back pain.

His secret method for helping women with PLBP is poised to help women even with the most “difficult to treat” lower back pain. In particular, Dr. Tirado feels that his PLBP method can be a viable solution in helping expecting moms to safely and effectively manage their pain.

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