Dr. Jim Dragun Shares His Insight On Big Picture Risks, Threats, And Adverse Events That He Sees From A Global Perspective On www.LearnWhatsNext.com

December 19, 2013. Farmington Hills, MI.  Parliaments, Councils, Congresses, and some Presidents-Prime Ministers have the power to change laws-regulations-policies abruptly and/or unexpectedly.   Political—Legislative Risk is the risk of sudden changes in a nation’s laws-regulations-policies that result in a significant loss or even a wipe-out of one’s monies. Taxation is one form of Political—Legislative Risk.

Dr. Dragun warns and provides examples regarding the various methods in which the direct transfer of money into public ownership by a country or state has recently occurred via his free financial Insight website: Learn What’s Next www.LearnWhatsNext.com

Dr. Dragun regularly updates his website to assist the multitude that -have asked him to list and discuss some of the “big picture” threats that he sees “out there.” They want help to avoid the financial adverse events that we all hope to avoid — the loss of monies.  Financial Threats & Sovereign Nation Taxation are one of the many topics from the series of pages that Dr. Dragun writes to warn people about current “big picture” threats and risks. . To be immediately directed to the Sovereign Nation Taxation series click:  http://learnwhatsnext.com/blog/5g-financial-threats-sovereign-nation-taxation/.

Dr. Jim Dragun “Money Maven” is a renowned scientist, entrepreneur and C.E.O.  He founded and built a world-class engineering-science consulting company.  For almost 25 years, he has led a team of specialists in engineering, physics, industrial processes, chemistry, environmental science, geology, hydrogeology, toxicology, and biology who solved environmental issues for industry and governments on six continents.  His accomplishments have been listed in Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in Science and Engineering, and Who's Who in America.

In the 1990s, Dr. Dragun began conducting his own economic, business, and market monitoring and timing. He has studied worldwide financial markets and economies.  Dr. Dragun visited over 25 countries seeking profitable business opportunities (e.g. China, Japan & the Far East, Germany & Eastern Europe, England & the United Kingdom, Western Europe, the Middle East, Africa).  Dr. Dragun maintains his own financial information - intelligence network located at world financial centers (New York, London, Toronto, Singapore, & Switzerland).  Dr. Dragun has helped businessmen, professional sports personnel, dignitaries, and religious organizations in North America, Europe, and Africa.

As the 2000 decade progressed and the economic landscape became harsher, Dr. Dragun realized that many Americans needed his insight on the future to protect their finances. As a result, he created www.LearnWhatsNext.com, his revolutionary (totally free of charge) financial insight website.  This website helps its users to see What’s Next (i.e. the future) for the economy.  It also helps its users to see What’s Next for them to do, so that they can financially survive the future.

Dr. Dragun has appeared on national TV and radio programs. He is the financial contributor for the Detroit-based morning show “Coffee And Community Radio Show.”  He is the financial contributor for LUXE 32, an ultra affluent luxury-based magazine.  He has received three lifetime achievement awards for his professional-technical work and two awards for his contributions to his community. To learn more about his website visit: www.LearnWhatsNext.com.

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