Riverside, California — Dr. Sharobiem of Memor-E advises consumers that brain health supplements can help fight common reasons for memory loss. As the brain ages, it becomes increasingly important to assist the brain to fight memory loss. While many people take brain vitamins on a regular basis, they are not always getting the most benefit from their supplements. This is because age, injury and disease can impair the body’s ability to absorb memory vitamins as well as other brain health supplements .

Another reason that memory enhancement may be difficult is that many supplements for memory are made with ingredients that do not promote fast or effective absorption by the body. When people take these types of vitamins for memory loss, they find that they are spending a great deal of money but seeing few results.
Doctors have theories on why people lose memory and cognitive function as they age or after a disease or injury. Some common theories include:

- Hippocampus deterioration. The hippocampus is a tiny bulb buried deep in the brain’s center. Doctors believe that this region of the brain is involved in the formation and retrieval of memories. Deterioration of the hippocampus may play a role in declining cognitive and memory function.

- Growth factors. As people age, hormones and various proteins are made in smaller quantities by the body’s cells. This can cause a decline in the repair and protection of brain cells as well as a decrease in the growth of neurons, the cells that transmit signals across the brain.

- Decreased blood flow. Aging can lead to poor blood flow from a weakening heart and circulatory system. This decreased blood flow to the brain may contribute to memory loss and weakening cognitive abilities.

- Decreased absorption. Along with decreased blood flow and growth factors comes decreased ability to absorb vitamins, minerals and any other form of brain supplement.

Unless these issues are addressed, any vitamin for memory will probably have little effect. Most over-the-counter memory enhancers contain nothing that will overcome the effect of aging on the rest of the body and therefore will not give results.

On the other hand, a memory supplement that combines brain-enhancing substances with other supplements to combat poor circulation and protein generation will have more effective results. Memor-E combines natural, non-preservative ingredients with a proprietary formula that has been shown to work with the total body to give enhanced memory and better cognitive function.

Featuring key ingredients such as Vitamin A, C, D, E, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Biotin, Zinc, and more, Memor-E offers consumers the power to fight the process of memory loss and the ability to regain cognitive function. Consumers eager to protect their memories and to enhance their brain health are encouraged to shop Memor-E’s website today.

About Memor-E:

Memor-E is a supplement for memory that enhances brain power and reverses the trend of memory loss so often seen as a result of aging, disease or injury. The memory enhancing supplements contained in Memor-E are all-natural and never contain preservatives or dangerous chemicals. Memor-E can provide brain enhancement, memory recovery and mood elevation for anyone who needs extra help with memory retention or cognitive function.

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