USA - The format a media file is in determines whether or not it can be played using a specific media player. The windows media player is most commonly available in most computers especially those that run on Windows OS. And WMA file can be easily opened and played using windows media player. Hence in case one wants to play ACC files without problems one way is to convert them to WMA format using this free AAC to WMA converter.

This converter can be downloaded from the below website freely. The downloading procedure is very simple; no need to pay for the software in any form. No need to subscribe to the website or even register with the website. The website doesn’t ask one to even log in; all one has to do is go to the website and click on the download now button. Immediately the download starts and once the software is downloaded, the user should click run to install in onto their computer. Once the installation is done the software is ready to be used.

The website says, “This program has a user friendly interface which is easy to comprehend. The program features a few simple options which assist in the conversion process. It is quite easy to download and install this free software program.”

Using AAC to WMA converter is advantageous since it comes with a number of beneficial features. Apart from being free, this software comes with an easy to understand user interface. There are very few options and only those that are essential. Hence, the software is very efficient and yet occupies very little space. And finally, the format change is completed very quickly and without affecting the quality of the media.

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The AAC to WMA converter can be easily downloaded from this website; it easy to use with a simple user interface.

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