Henderson, Nevada, March 25, 2013 - Artist Douglas Coleman proves that it’s never too late to pursue your one true passion. After setting out for a career in music in the 1980s, a musically frustrated young Coleman settled for a vocational job in corporate America. Never abandoning his true calling, he continued to write and play while maintaining his corporate career. It wasn’t until age 43 that Coleman surrendered to his creativity and ditched the tie for the pursuit of his dream.

In addition to departing from the corporate world, Coleman relocated to an island city of Taiwan to help foster his creativity. It was here that he unlocked his true potential and began crafting his own unique band of piano-driven indie rock. Honest lyrics backed by classic rock driven influences help give his album life and make “Stalker” deserving of attention in the independent scene.

Recorded at his home studio in Thailand, realism and experience are captured in sonic beauty without the need for overproduction. His experience in the world of business has allowed Coleman to gain recognition not only as a talented musician, but a keen observer of modern trends and the ways in which they affect the world around us. Each written lyric draws from positive and negative past experiences and reminds us all of the ups and downs of life itself. One of the newest additions to his catalog, “Stalker” provides a visceral account of what it means to live in our technologically driven modern society.

Currently in the process of building a new studio and crafting new material, the artistic future of Coleman brings excitement. Finally able to feed his lifelong passion, his 70’s style rock captures a sound that could only have been produced by a talented musician with first-hand experiences of the highs and lows of being immersed in the scene. Check out “Stalker” on Amazon and CDbaby.com, and learn more about Coleman’s emergence into indie stardom at http://www.douglascolemanmusic.com .

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