China - In order to enhance the working performance of the heat shrink tube, the famous China shrinkable tube manufacturer Shenzhen Dicore promote the double-wall Heat Shrinkable Tube . This new series of heat shrinkable tube has very high performance for insulation, corrosion resistance and other factors. Now, this article which had been written by editor from will let people have fully understanding about this product.

The plastic double-wall heat shrink tubing and heat shrinkable sleeve applied high-quality cross-linked polyolefin material for outer layer and hot melt adhesive for the inner layer. The composite processing for these two sorts of high quality materials bring up high quality double wall heat shrinking tube.

The outer layer of this tube has very high performance for insulation, corrosion resistance, wear and tear resistance and others. The inner layer of this tube also has many advantages such as low melting point, better sealing character and high mechanical strain cushioning. As the high performance of this product, it could be widely used in electronic devices waterproof wiring, gas leak resistance, sealing wire branch, corrosion protection of metal pipes, repairing for wire and cable and water proofing for wire of pumps and submersible pump.

The focused features of the double-wall heat shrink tubing and sleeving from Shenzhen Dicore could be mainly concluded into following factors. First, the temperature application scope could be ranged from cold of 45 degrees and heat 125 degrees. Secondly, the initial shrinkage temperature of this heat shrink tube should be 70 centigrade degrees and the fully shrink temperature should be 125 centigrade degrees. Thirdly, the inner layer melting temperature should be 70 centigrade to 100 centigrade. Fourthly, the shrink ratio should be 3 to 1 and 4 to1. Fifth, the using for the heat shrinkable tube should be very easy. People could achieve the shrink goal by using the shrink oven and heat gun.

Overall speaking, the double-wall heat shrink tubing has better performance than the traditional het shrink tube . People who have such interesting about this products could visit website of Shenzhen Dicore.

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