14, November 2015: Matthias Frisch announces the launch of his new iOS app known as Double Control! The app is packed with so much action for double excitement of its users. Double Control is not just highly addictive and interactive, but also super touch. Some of the app’s best features include 16 unique balls, three great gaming environments, and cool rewards players can win for their achievements atop being a tough game for players to beat.

Double Control

As players jump, roll and bounce their balls across the three unique gaming environments, they have to control two balls simultaneously. Gamers are given the chance to challenge themselves as they cross the three gaming environments, namely the forest, the desert or even the stadium. Gamers can also challenge their family and friends to beat their recorded scores in order to win the game’s highest awards.

Available for only 0.99€ the app is easily accessible to everyone who love gaming. Furthermore, also a free version of Double Control! is available on the Apple App Store which contains 4 balls and no stadium.

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