(Free Press Release) Columbus, OH June 6, 2011 Dorcy Direct (www.dorcy.com), a leading provider of portable lighting products for over 50 years, has created a line of motion sensor lights designed to make the home environment feel safer and more protected. Whether you live in the city or in a remote area without any nearby neighbors, feeling safe in your home is important. Dorcy‘s motion sensor lights aim to help homeowners with this.

Imagine it‘s the middle of the night, and the power goes out. It‘s freezing inside and you want to head out to the shed across the yard to get the generator. With motion sensor lighting, this task is no feat at all. You‘ve already installed one of Dorcy‘s motion sensor lights to the shed so situations like this won‘t be a problem. You step outsite and Dorcy‘s Motion Sensor Flood-Lite is already there for you. This battery-powered light only turns on in the dark, which saves energy, and detects motion up to 30 ft. away!

Now imagine you have a back deck that connects to your pool. Dorcy‘s LED Patio Deck Lighting system is not only decorative and appealing for an outdoor space, but it also serves as another addition to Dorcy‘s motion sensor lighting. If you hear a noise in the middle of the night, having these patio motion sensor lights can help you easily peek out the window to see if it‘s a harmless squirrel, or a more serious intruder.

Stairs can be challenging, as you get older, and in the dark can be a danger to all ages. Dorcy‘s motion sensor lighting line also offers a LED Motion Sensor Stair-Lite. Whether you use this light for outside steps or for dark hallways and stairs inside the house, having motion sensor lights around stairs will make them safer and more easily accessible.

All of Dorcy‘s motion sensor lighting is wire free, and only turn on at night, when activated, in order to maintain battery life. Get you‘re motion sensor lights today, and you‘ll easily create a safer feeling for your home.

About Dorcy
Dorcy is a global designer and manufacturer of lighting products and systems, who markets over 850 items to residential, commercial, industrial, and government customers around the world. Headquartered in Columbus OH, Dorcy also has offices in Canada, Europe, Australia, and Hong Kong. Dorcy was the first manufacturer to bring LED technology to the mass market by offering the Cool Blue flashlight in 2001. As a company Dorcy is known for their innovative nature, and continually strives to bring new technology to their entire product line, which has grown to include flashlights, batteries, camping lanterns, area lights and safety lights. Continuing to develop brighter and more efficient lighting products, Dorcy is focused on bringing to market the best product for the best price. For more information about Dorcy Direct please visit http://www.dorcydirect.com