The app is a new exciting version of “Telephone” and allows users to create hilarious chains.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, July 1, 2014 — The popularity of mobile apps has let several app makers to embrace a creative twist, allowing users to draw and doodle pictures for friends.

Dinger Apps is proud to announce the arrival of their new app to the Android app store. Doodle Chains is a drawing game based on the classic party game “Telephone,” and features a social twist. Users of the Android app must draw or describe an image submitted to them by another Doodle Chains player. This action creates a “link” in the chain. Once the chain's link has been submitted, other users can see how the chain's meaning has changed as it's interpreted by other Android users. The results can be thoughtful, hilarious, or simply weird. The fun of playing Doodle Chains is how a user never knows what's going to come next!

“We created this app because, simply put, it's fun. There's also a value in using your creativity to express yourself, even in this technology-driven world,” says Ben. The social aspect of our game makes it really fun, because the game keeps going every time you're ready to play.”

Doodle Chain is not only entertaining, it can also provide surprising health benefits. The Office of Naval Research found that adult video game players' mental capacity performs at 10% to 20% higher in perceptual and cognitive ability than those individuals who don't play video games. Studies also show that video games can reduce stress and anxiety, improve fine-motor skills and limit depression. Even young children can improve hand-eye coordination by playing video games.

Dinger Apps' Doodle Chains is now available for free in the Android app store, and features two modes: clean and classic. Clean makes the game family-friendly and doesn't tolerate inappropriate content, while classic runs the game without filtering. The developer made these two modes available to let any user experience the game based on their own preferences.

Contact: Ben Evans
Email: [email protected]