Don’t worry, “Mai Hoon Naa”

A unique offer to Indore city from being responsible

Indore: , 2015: It is generally seen or heard that whenever a person is in distress, then someone comes to him to console and encourage him, and says, “Don’t worry, Main Hoon naa.” This all is a part of our culture, which is seen in almost each Indian.  

When Indore city became a metro, when the deficits of the city grew more, when a known or unknown person died in absence of medicines, these all are such things, which have lost values in today’s hectic life. But despite all odds, if someone sits beside a needy or poor person who is ill and helps him by arranging the required medicines, then the pains of the sufferer are reduced to a great extent.

Being responsible, a social group of Indore believes in reaching and helping every needy person of society.  Representatives of the group, did intensive tour of the slum areas of the city, and arrived at the conclusion that when a poor class person is not even capable to light his “Chulha” then how can he arrange medicines for treatment of his and his family members’ diseases? Being responsible understood the grieves of such people and decided to stretch helping hands in the way “Main Hoon Naa”, a mobile medicine van, dedicated to the actual needy persons of the society. “Main Hoon Naa” will visit different slum areas of the city from Monday to Saturday, every week, and provide FREE medicines to actual needy persons.

“Main Hoon Naa” is sponsored by PR 24x7 Network Limited, the leading communication of Central India. The keys of mobile van were today handed over to Sunil Kataria, from being responsible in a simple function held at 148-B, Mahadev Totla Nagar Indore. Shri Prabal Singh Surana, the famous social worker of the city and chief guest of the ceremony, after handing over the keys, said” I have heard a lot about being responsible and activities performed by them, during recent period, but the initiation, like Main Hoon naa, is really praise worthy and I am confident that the innovative effort will set an example for others.”

The program was attended by members of Senior citizens’ Day Care Centres, and other distinguished guests.

About being responsible:

Being responsible is a leading social group of Indore, and runs different activities for social causes, such as, helping poor girls to acquire higher education by bearing expenses on fees, stationeries, uniforms etc., running senior citizens day care centers, Provision of groceries to needy senior citizens, organization of awareness campaign for AUTISM etc.


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