Toronto, ON, Canada — Ace Physio, located in the heart of Toronto, can help to ease your pain and restore your full range of movement and freedom. We use every tool available to help you.

Physiotherapy — This powerful young science is based in ancient understandings of how the body moves and how best to heal it. Every day, new techniques and tools are created, each deepening and enhancing our ability to heal you and take away your pain and discomfort.

Massage Therapy — The most natural way to resolve muscular concerns and remove pain is through the power of well-trained touch. Using skilful hands and understanding of the body, we can use massage therapy to ease muscular tension and increase blood flow to bring healing to damaged cells.

Chiropractic Chirobody — Using gentle, but firm manipulation of the muscles and bones of the body, we can realign bones that are out-of-place, correct muscular dysfunction and help to bring your entire musculo-skeletal system back into harmony.

Spinal Decompression — By stretching and decompressing the spine, the discs in between your vertebrae can re-expand and provide you with the cushioning you need to be comfortable and happy. 
Laser Therapy — Using the latest light and laser technology, we are able to stimulate healing of damaged nerves and even increase the speed of healing of fractures.

Acupuncture — With thousands of years of history and thousands of medical studies to prove it, acupuncture is one of the most effective ways to eliminate pain, speed healing and realign the body's electrical pathways to overall great health.

Ace Physio (Physiotherapy Toronto) is your best choice for physio therapy in Toronto. With our down-town location, you can schedule your care after work, on a lunch break or as a quick appointment during the day.
Nothing is more depressing and upsetting than being in pain or discomfort constantly. At Ace Physio, we are dedicated to one thing: Making your life better.

Please contact us today or call us at 647-361-7526.

Don't suffer another day with pain and discomfort; Ace Physio can help you to reclaim your health and your life.

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