Max Stevens being a Terminal Cancer Patience Says he may have waited to long to start this project. Max knows it takes more time then they now have to get the top 250 Corporations,including 50 Fast Food Corporations to act.

He would like to ask these Major Companies, that receive the Majority of there Business Directly or in Directly from the Youth of the World,to Help build the World Youth Hall of Fame They have the opportunity to help us out for as little as $1000. for a Patio of Honor Brick. These will be located at the front entrance and Say to a lot of People, WE CARE ABOUT THE YOUTH.

Max said that his staff want to provide the Youth with a Peer Group that will help Motivate the Youth in there Journey thought Life. NOMINEES such as Stevie Wonder, Shirley Temple, Mark Zuckerberg, Justin Bieber, Annie Oakley, Louis Braille, Bobby Fisher and the many Congressional Medal of Honor Winners that were Youth. They have worked very Hard, But now its up to the millions of people that could make it happen by purchasing a PERK from $1.00 and up.