There's nothing that I love more than home decoration, in reality I could seriously say that searching for things to decorate my home brings me more enjoyment than looking for clothing. Home decoration has become a subject I've been keen on since an early age. I've got a keen eye for items of beauty and I have also paged through many interior decoration magazines and watched hours of shows, so I consider it a passion.
Lots of my loved ones and friends have asked me to come into their houses, to help them give their place a face-lift. Now let me be frank what some people whom I love dearly call stylish leaves me gasping for air and NOT in a good way. And then to make matters worse they are so attached to what they call art that when I recommend we throw it where it belongs, in the rubbish bin, they put up a battle.
But my answer is usually quite simple. If you had any sense of style your home would not look like this, so please come to grips with the truth that the fake fur blanket on the olden times maroon lounger is not fashionable. In this post I'll be given you some strict guidelines which you are to follow to the letter, if you want to do away with bad decorating habits.
RULES: 1. Under no instances and for no reason at all should the plastic which your furniture was delivered in remain on your furniture. 2. Throw all plastic plants and flowers into the bin, unless they're flowers of the art deco type which are over-priced and not available at your local super market. 3. Do not purchase and hang up curtains which look as if you could very easily convert them in to a wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses should the need arise. 4. You should not even think about attaching family photos on the wall without having a frame and a hook. 5. Purple or any other colour fur blankets don't belong on your couch, nor does crochet table clothes which your granny crocheted belong on your dinner table. You'll find wonderful solutions to show case collectibles. 6. Any old chair will not do. Your home is not a brick and brack drop off point. Make sure that the pieces of furniture that you furnish your home with matches. You might not have the cash to purchase new furniture but you can paint a mismatched chair to match the rest of the chairs. Or you might have one chair as a feature piece, which does not automatically have to fit, but this may be a bit risky if you don't understand what you are doing. 7. Cheap gold picture frames, lamps and clocks have to be donated to a thrift store or dumped. Natural wooden frames painted black is your safest bet. 8. Do not paint the walls a number of vibrant colours if you don't have a certain look in mind. Neutral on walls is definitely best.

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