Donors can get free Insurance

Blood donation is a great donation. When any patient needs blood, and they get it on time, his life is saved; it is considered a godly deed or a blessing. Also, blood can only be transferred in case of a similar blood group of patient and the donor. Thus, finding matching blood group on time is important.

Indore has one blood call centre, where on one call you can admit yourself in the queue of donation and can also use this helpline in blood’s need by any patient.

Sometimes you do not get the blood on time, taking care of such situation; commencement of Insurance policy took place. In future, if you/your family need blood, this centre will help you to connect with donors and fulfill your need from within the town. Every town has a centre. If you have ever donated blood in any centre before, you can avail the service of this centre from any city.

People do not donate as much as it is required, thus, Insuarnce aims at making more people aware about blood donation. Thus, in case of any emergency, blood can be arranged. Blood call centre’s founder Ashok Nayak says that recently people have started getting aware and until all patients get blood in times of need, Insurance support will continue. About 45,000 people are associated with this centre now. Our motive is to provide easy access to the people in need of blood. About 500 donors have registered themselves by now. You also please take a step ahead towards contributing in social service.