Green Butterfly Brands newly released Bark at the Moon Wild Caught Salmon Treats for dogs and cats receives paws up in blogger review and giveaway

Dog bloggers have become quite popular on the internet.  Doggie Dog Madness Blog features reviews on numerous items in the dog department and this month featured a review on Green Butterfly Brands newly released pet treat, Bark at the Moon Premium Wild Caught Salmon Treats for dogs and cats and cats.  The bloggers review features the title “What A Delicious Catch, Premium Wild Caught Salmon” and includes several pictures of the bloggers beautiful boxer dog, Alle, enjoying her Bark at the Moon Salmon Treats.

The review begins “These new Premium Wild Caught Salmon treats from Bark At The Moon, went over swimmingly with Alle.  Made with only mouth watering, wild caught American salmon that is freeze dried to preserve the natural and valuable nutrients.  Packed full of omega 3s fatty acids that help support a healthy brain, joints, immune system and maintain a shiny coat other dogs will be jealous of.  So, you can feel good about giving quality treats that are also flavorful and tasty.”

Bark at the Moon Premium Wild Caught Salmon Treats are sourced and made in the USA from one ingredient, wild caught salmon.  The treats are made using a freeze drying process where only the water is removed preserving the nutritional integrity of fresh whole salmon and locks in the aroma, texture, valuable nutrients and freshness.  As in their original treats, Natural Turkey Treats and Premium Chicken Jerky, Bark at the Moon Salmon Treats contain no artificial flavors, fillers, colors or preservatives and are grain free.  Green Butterfly Brands offers a money back guarantee on its products and donates a portion of all sales to an organization that trains service dogs for disabled US veterans.

The blogger ends the review with a product giveaway contest to three lucky dogs or cats that will be random US winners, two from the bloggers Twitter followers and one from Instagram followers.

About Green Butterfly Brands

Green Butterfly Brands is a family-run business committed to providing quality cat and dog treats made in USA. Bark at the Moon Natural Pet Treats offers dog owners a healthy way to reward their dogs for obedience and love.  Its products, such as Bark at the Moon Chicken Jerky, All Natural Turkey and Premium Salmon Treats, can be purchased on Amazon.

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