When it comes time to redesign your law firm website , everyone flies into a panic. Lawyers, marketers, and technical staff are busy, leaving little time for a site overhaul. These days, sites must be faster and simpler and redesigning a site to achieve these goals need not be time-consuming or stressful. Follow these tips for a website design that will knock the socks off of site visitors.

Begin by reviewing data provided by website analytics. This information identifies how most people use the site and helps determine essential elements. Statistics provided by free analytics tools are complemented by qualitative data obtained through site visitor surveys and focus groups. Use this information to create a list of functions that the new site should have.

These functions should be ranked by relevance and then order of importance in accomplishing website and corporate goals. Identify what the site should do and also what it should not do. Then, use online idea-generation and outline tools to create rough layouts of Web pages that correspond with this. Make the design as on-target as possible and incorporate key functions and the flow of content.

The most essential content should fit within a small space, making it possible to use one of many hosted website services. Even non-technical workers can develop a professional-looking site compatible with viewing on mobile devices. Incorporate social media links, photo galleries, and online forms to create a cutting-edge site that can be viewed from desktop, laptop, or tablet computer and different mobile phone platforms.

Social media should be a major consideration during website redesign. Place dynamic content in prominent locations on the site and use apps and other tools to share this content via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. Identify metrics to track website success, review these regularly, and devote resources for ongoing site management and updates.

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