In the current legal system present in the United States as it applies to civil as well as criminal infractions stemming from driving under the influence offenses the accused has the choice of representing themselves or seeking the professional assistance of a DUI Lawyer.  Civil cases and criminal cases of this nature have different penalties associated with them which have a direct impact on the sentencing guidelines referred to by the court in question.  While self-representation in these situations is an opportunity that is available it is highly recommended that a San Diego DUI Attorney be contacted and consulted prior to proceeding.


The average American citizen does not have the education or knowledge to handle themselves in a court of law, especially when charges of this nature are being leveled against them.  The majority of individuals accused of these type of charges will require a DUI Lawyer to assist them.  This does not necessarily mean that a San Diego DUI Attorney will need to be retained.  In most first offense cases the accused will be approached by the prosecuting attorney and offered a plea bargain for a lesser offense and sentencing structure.  If they are comfortable in the understanding of the offer they can forego legal representation and accept the terms and conditions themselves.


Individuals that are facing charges of the first offense nature are advised to receive the plea bargain offer and consider it carefully.  The majority of these offers are made by the prosecutor during the absence of a DUI Lawyer representing the accused.  If the offer is not immediately accepted it may be pulled for the bargaining table and require the retention of a San Diego DUI Attorney in order to make it available again.  In either case the accused should at the very least seek professional assistance with determining whether or not the plea bargain being offered is the best possible solution for obtaining an outcome during sentencing.


If you are offered a plea bargain of any nature and the prosecutor informs you that the offer is only good while appearing in court on that day and a DUI Lawyer has not been retained, then it might be a wise decision to seek the input from a San Diego DUI Attorney present in the court room to handle the case of another client.  While some of these experts will turn a deaf ear to the accused since they have not been properly retained, some of them will offer minimal free advice under these situations that could enlighten the accused as to whether or not they should accept the deal without further representation.


If the accused is unconcerned about the outcome of the case and has no concern for the length of sentencing and the penalties they are assigned, then a DUI Lawyer will not be necessary.  There are those in society that view criminal activity and criminal records as being a badge of honor.  They could care less if a San Diego DUI Attorney could get the charges dropped or reduced.  They will accept the penalties provided in the sentencing in order to prove how ‘hard’ they are to the rest of their peer group or gang.

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