29, May 2015: “Taking the time to make a few updates to the interior and exterior of your home is an easy and affordable way to boost the ‘sell ability’ of your home. From updated fixtures and paint, to an exterior revamp, the idea is helping potential buyers be able to picture themselves in the home,” said Kevin Bonnema

Here are a few of Kevin Bonnema favorite DIY projects that can boost the “sell ability” of one’s home, and he believes anyone can do it for his or herself. 


- A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. We don’t recommend a bright color or a chevron accent wall because those can be a bit too trendy. However, a neutral, clean slate can brighten a room and make the walls look fresh and clean. A colorful front door can make your home’s exterior pop. Red is always popular, but why not tries eggplant or sage? 

- Update lighting fixtures. Outdated fixtures can date your home, so consider investing in new lamp shades, drop lights and sconces to update the interior look of your home. It’s a quick fix and you can keep costs relatively low by comparison shopping. Installation is fairly simple and a little goes a long way. Don’t forget to change the light bulbs, a warmer light is more inviting than a harsh white. 

- Minimize personal decor. Of course, if you’re still living in your home when it’s on the market, it’s impossible to put every personal effect away. However, in the real estate industry, we know that buyers have a difficult time picturing themselves in a home that is full of photos and personal items belonging to the current owners. Putting away these pictures and replacing them with more generic decor can help the sales process move along more quickly. 

- Bonus tip: If you’re not living in the home, consider hiring a professional Stager to bring in rental furniture that will fill the home and make it feel less empty during showings. 


- Enhance the look of your gardens with well-maintained beds. Remove weeds, grass and leaves that clutter the view. Plant fresh flowers and shrubs that grow quickly and look full. Mulch can also be laid down between new plants to protect the roots and enhance the look of the garden beds. 

- Trim trees and shrubs. Not only will this encourage new growth, but trimming long branches can protect your home’s exterior as well. Hedge trimmers are inexpensive and easy to use, just be sure you don’t over prune! 

- Wash your siding and windows with a pressure washer or hose to remove yard debris, dirt and grime. This is an easy but time consuming task that can make your home look clean and well maintained. 

- Consider installing a new mailbox. This is another easy upgrade that can boost the ‘sell ability’ of one’s home and curb appeal without much effort. 

Nothing that every home has posed new challenges, Kevin Bonnema has assured if followed, the above DIY techniques will be proven helpful along the way. Now, we’re sharing them with you in an effort to boost your homes ‘sell ability’. 

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