16, March 2016: Do you ever think that one day you will have an unparalleled transportation? Alex’s answer is yes and she can do it. She is very fond of DIY works. In her home, lots of things look different from the normal ones because she changes the appearance. Her M3 electric skateboard is very unique. In her mind, DIY her maple electric skateboard is a fun in her life.


M3 maple electric skateboard is such an amazing transportation that riding it in campus will definitely be a highlight, especially riding Alex’s M3. The decals attached on the deck of M3 can be DIY. This is an important factor for Alex to buy it. In her hands, M3 can be not only a tool but also a handicraft. It is a special way to show the personality.

As regards this self-balancing air board, Alex mentions that it is indeed a fashionable transportation. Different from the previous skateboards, M3 is relatively easier to learn. The 2.4 G wireless remote control makes it come true. Alex can freely control the direction and the speed. With the speed of 20 kilometers per hour and more than 15°of climbing ability, M3 can carry her anywhere she wants to go. In the campus activities, she uses her DIY M3 and her skills on M3 to win lots of praise.


In addition, M3 motorized skateboard is a good fitness equipment. Though M3 could be manipulated by a wireless remote control, it also requires rider’s body to realize the turning. This makes Alex, a girl who does not have the habit of exercising to have the chance to go outside and keep health.

Airwheel M3 is practical, fashionable and novel. And users can DIY this skateboard. But the most important point is that Alex gets fun from riding Airwheel M3 and DIY process.

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