Stratford, Connecticut, USA — Divine Amalfi Villas created three new videos to add to their YouTube channel, which showcases luxury villa rentals in Italy. They now offer dozens of options for Amalfi villas and villas for rent throughout Italy.

As an agile, aggressive small business, Divine Amalfi Villas has found YouTube video marketing to be an excellent way to spread the word about their services. According to co-owner Jennifer Galletti, “I was surprised, when my phone rang with a potential client, to find that they had not even been to the Divine Amalfi Villas website. They called immediately after seeing our YouTube video.”

The Divine Amalfi Villas YouTube channel has grown by leaps and bounds since the company began working with SEO Dominoes . “They really caught my attention when they ranked our video for a very competitive keyword, for which our website might never rank in Google. Small businesses can get lost in the heaps without a strategy like YouTube video marketing to level the playing field” says Galletti.

Co-owners Jennifer Galletti and Pasquale de Martino are now totally sold on the potential for YouTube marketing to achieve great results in the luxury real estate niche. “With luxury villa rentals, people want to see what they are getting. It helps for them to imagine themselves there in the middle of the culture, the sights, and the sounds of Italy. Video offers an audio-visual medium for transporting them to their own personal Italian luxury villa for rent” says Galletti.

Divine Amalfi Villas asserts that they are not travel agents. Says Galletti: “We don’t sell cookie cutter travel packages.” Their stated goal is to provide travelers with the local perspective needed to delve deeper beneath the tourist traps and deliver a highly customized experience of Italy, introducing “the enormous culture, mouthwatering food, and enchanting sights found in this beautiful land.” Not only do they book apartments and villas in Tuscany, Sorrento, and Amalfi, Italy, they also organize culinary tours, wine tasting, shopping in the local markets, and even personalized cooking classes in your Amalfi villas.

For more information about Amalfi coast tours, visit Also, check out the YouTube channel for the following new videos: Sorrento Holidays , Italian Villas for Rent , and Luxury Villa Rentals .

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