14, October 2015: As technology develops fast, a new style Airwheel Self-balancing Electric scooter released by Airwheel Technology which is similar to electric bike has drawn a great attention from people. Since we get used to see world by eyes, but it’s time see it by our hearts based on its own unique characteristic different from the electric bike. Although the two tires are located in the front and back with an operation handlebar, it is foldable in contrast to electric bike. The pedals can be folded. Meanwhile the handlebar is adjustable from 130cm to 190cm. That’s to be valid for various kinds of person. Looking at the overall, itis made of magnesium alloy material which looks solid and gorgeous with streamlined design. However, the electric bike can’t catch up with the scooter in term of appearance and functions.


In most people’s opinions, this world gets more crowded than before. Those electric bikes are occupying side pavement which is left for people to walk not as a parking space. It’s really a spectacular view to look at the pavement filled with bikes. On the contrary, self-balancing 2 wheels scooter Z3 is portable with its multiple fold system. There is no need to search a place to park it. Anyway carrying in the hand is much safer and favorable than parkingat outside or car park.


On the other side, there is an exclusive App for connecting the scooter with cellphones. That is to watch the vehicle statement such as power level, mileage, and speed etc. About this intelligence of Z3, the bike can’t make it. In light of the brake assist system, riders can increase the brake force to shorten braking distance in order to avoid getting hurt. With self-balancing electric scooter’s shock mitigation system, it can be applied to various road conditions. At thisaspect, electric bike’s tires will be easily ruined when the road condition is terrible.

In a word, the electric scooter made by Airwheel is rather distinctive, much better than a normal electric bike. Come to possess an electric scooter designed for a superior life.

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