The importance of link building cannot be stressed enough in today’s digital era. With the internet teeming with websites that crave for visibility, link creating is one technique that guarantees...
an increase in the ranks when done the right way. However, the recent spate of algorithmic updates by Google is dampening the spirits of many people, including some search engine optimisation professionals. After the implementation of the Penguin update about two years ago, there are many myths associated with link building that are doing the rounds. Most of these myths are baseless and have not truth associated to them. Unfortunately, there are a few who assume them to be true and refrain from opting for link building services.
One of the most common myths doing rounds is that generating links will no longer produce the desired results. Well, this might be true if the search engine optimisation experts adopt a wrong and unethical approach. Today, only organic link building services can make a difference and there are very few professionals and agencies that specialise in this approach. Unlike the black hat techniques, the organic methods to generate links do take time to start producing results. However, once the results are generated, traffic continues to flow weeks and months after the campaign has been completed.
Another myth that is causing furore in internet circles is that websites that have lost their rank due to the implementation of the Penguin update cannot be restored. This is far from the truth because there are ways and means to recover from the damage done and regain top ranks. Though the process of recovery can be long and time consuming, there are specific link building services being offered by leading search engine optimisation companies for recovery purposes. The host of services in the recovery package include onsite re-optimisation, link evaluation and link creation.
Another common myth is that guest blogs are the only way to bring in credible links. Well, this is a bizarre myth, the origins of which cannot be traced. Blogging was, and still remains, one of the most popular link building services. However, link generation is not just limited to guest blog posts. Reputed and experienced search engine optimisation service providers choose a variety of domains with high ranks to establish incoming links. Only links from authority sites and other credible domains can make a difference to the site’s rank on the SERP list.
One of the other myths is that generating links is so simple that it can be done without professional guidance. You would not be the first person to lose time and effort if you have tried doing this on your own. Link building services by professionals cannot be undermined in today’s scenario. The experts know the search engines and the changing algorithms really well and can come up with the right strategy to move ahead in the face of adversity. Link generation is no longer just submitting articles to directories with a link provided in the author box. There is a need to choose authority sites, varied domains and create high quality content, all of which can be accomplished only by professionals.
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