Discovery Turbo Presents Award-Winning British Actor Idris Elba In A New Role In

Idris Elba: King Of Speed


New Delhi:  Discovery Turbo presents a new series that charts the history and origin of underground racing in IDRIS ELBA: KING OF SPEED. In the series, Idris Elba, award-winning British actor will examine how the quest for high speed has affected modern motorsport and the cars of today.


IDRIS ELBA: KING OF SPEED will premiere on August 3 and will air Monday-Saturday at 9 pm on Discovery Turbo.


Charting the colourful origins and secret history of how speed changed the cars we drive, Idris will examine the racing scene around the world. The series will take him from his door step in Hackney, East London to the racetracks of America via the Scottish Highlands and the Arctic plains of Finland. As he travels around the world, he will reveal the unexplored political, social and historical circumstances connecting the early stories of speed from the American prohibition era, through to our modern day driving culture.


Idris will also examine the history of the rallying Mini and get to grips with the combination of technology and skill involved in driving at a professional level.He will discover the underground driving craze of drifting, which began in Japan and has become the fastest growing motorsport in Europe, and changed the way Europeans race.


Under the guidance of Britain’s ‘girl racer’ Louise Cook, Idris will improve his rally driving skills, and rally a Metro 6R4 — an off roader so powerful it was banned for being too dangerous.


Idris then fulfils a personal ambition as he gets behind the wheel of a full-spec rally car and takes on a genuine Finnish rally course, with help from champion Finnish rally driver, Ari Vatanen.


IDRIS ELBA: KING OF SPEED promises to be an incredible series packed with thrills and unexpected history. It’s time to buckle up as Idris Elba gets behind the wheel only on Discovery Turbo.


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