Watch WILLS AND KATE: BABY FEVER as the Fervour Enthrals the World


New Delhi: Have you ever wondered what it takes to raise a future monarch? Discovery Channel will present an exclusive programme WILLS AND KATE: BABY FEVER taking a look at the intenseglobal interest in the greatest unborn celebrity of our time: the future child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


The one-hour special WILLS AND KATE: BABY FEVER will premiere on Sunday, April 21, at 8 pm on Discovery Channel.


After a jubilant Royal Wedding last year and jubilee celebrations this year, interest in the royals has never been greater. With William and Kate having a fairy-tale wedding watched by millions, the world waits the next big chapter: when are they going to have a baby?


Nannies, fashion experts and commentators will give an interesting insight into the difficult journey faced by all the young parents and the more regal journey by the royal ones. This special programme will also feature royal experts, insiders and historians who look back at the childhoods of Queen Elizabeth, her children and grandchildren and offer their views on who William and Kate will look at for guidance. 


This unborn baby was recently voted the most influential celebrity child. With recent change in the succession laws paving the way for a truly modern monarchy, this baby will have the potential to make a mark in history. As media interest in the British Royals sky rockets, WILLS AND KATE: BABY FEVER looks at how William and Kate will prepare their unsuspecting little one for the huge expectations placed upon its small shoulders. 


Packed with insight and opinion, this is an account of family life in the house of Windsor and just what compromises will need to be made in order to raise a modern monarch.


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