-This June, Animal Planet brings three new series presented by Nigel Marven-


New Delhi,31 May, 2013:  Renowned zoologist, wildlife filmmaker and presenter Nigel Marven is back on Animal Planet on an incredible journey to get up close and personal with grey whales, giant pandas and many other rare and unusual creatures, some filmed for the very first time.This June, Animal Planet brings viewers closer to the natural world with MARVELLOUS MARVEN, a collection of three new series in which Nigel encounters some of the world's most interesting and sometimes misunderstood creatures.


Presented by Nigel Marven, the month-long programming special MARVELLOUS MARVEN will air every night at 9 pm starting June 1 on Animal Planet.  

Nigel has been on safari with penguins, handled venomous snakes, swum with sharks and even walked with dinosaurs, now he is on a spectacular new natural history adventure totrack grey whales as they undertake the longest mammal migration on earth, over 5,000 miles up the Pacific coast of North America from Mexico to Alaska.  Next, Nigel explores the landscapes and wildlife of one of the world’s most exotic and colourful countries - Colombia, which is home to over 160 species of hummingbird and more than 800 types of frog.   Further, Nigel visits China and gets astonished to witness pandas including a brown panda cub, one of only five known to science.  Come along on an expedition with MARVELLOUS MARVEN as Nigel journeys into the animal kingdom to track down and interact with some of its most fascinating stars.

MARVELLOUS MARVEN kicks off with WILD COLOMBIA WITH NIGEL MARVEN.  From the Andes to the Amazon, the Pacific to the Caribbean, Nigel journeys to the country's seas, swamps, jungles and mountains, to meet rare and unusual creatures, many unique to Colombia and filmed for the very first time.  He witnessesColombian Giant Blue Tarantula, Bearded Helmetcrest, the Blue-Billed Curassow,visitshummingbirds galore before heading west to the Magdalena valley, where he encounters giant creepy crawlies, capuchin monkeys and birds that live like bats.


In WHALE ADVENTURE WITH NIGEL MARVEN, Nigel travels over 5000 miles, following grey whales as they undertake the longest mammal migration on Earth, up the Pacific coast of North America.Nigel observes the calves as they spend their first months of life suckling and learning swimming skills and talks to the scientists studying them. As the whales start their journey north towards the American border, Nigel takes a road trip through the desert, encountering rattlesnakes, lizards and antelope along the way.


Further with PANDA ADVENTURE WITH NIGEL MARVEN, he heads to China to learn about giant pandas for his latest adventure. Nigel visits the beautiful reserves the pandas inhabit, before heading into the wild to achieve his ambition of being the first presenter to be filmed with a giant panda in its native habitat. Along his journey Nigel meets the other amazing creatures that live in the bamboo forest, including naughty macaques, golden snub-nosed monkeys and fluffy bamboo rats. He also feeds adorable red pandas, distant relatives of the giant panda.


Tune into MARVELLOUS MARVEN this June on Animal Planet, every night at 9:00 p.m. for a new perspective on animal life in the wild.


Atul Malikram