United States of America, 22, September 2014: Over the years, many women have found it difficult to keep their men attached to them. Being a failure to keep their men, they have to face sleepless nights, heart breaks and even divorce. They continuously struggle to read the mind of their man. Spending money with relationship experts and psychologists often fail to save them from a stressful personal life. Not to worry, there is a solution for every problem including how to read a man and Zestreviews.com is here to help. A book by the same name helps women find a way to stay forever in the heart of their man. There are explanations to control their thoughts and let him fall for them.

The author Mark Scott shares his valuable experience and expertise to help the women in need. They are able to plan out methods of controlling the supposed reptilian brain of men who seek maximum pleasures. Scott mainly emphasises on two different ways of getting to know men inside out. Firstly, women should make their man emotionally excited in way that his longings for her increase with every passing day. Secondly, to make them enjoy treating them as special people in their lives.

Zestreviews.com also offers honest reviews on Claire Casey authored book Capture His Heart. The book is aimed at women who aren’t blessed with typical beautiful looks, sex appeal and confidence. It helps the females realized their worth of possessing the inner ability to be desirable. There are tips to make their choice of man fall in love irrespective of looks, size and figure. It emphasizes a man’s perception of attractive women. Men desire a partner who is confident of herself and is independent. Moreover, women who don’t show desperation to men are often more pursued by men. Thus, the book teaches them to learn this art and implement this to make her man think about her all the time.

Women can also go through How to Make Him Desire You authored by Alex Carter. It explains about the different levels of attraction experienced by men. Good looks, dressing sense, independent nature and intelligence attract men towards women. Whenever, these qualities change in women, their man also lose interest on them. The aforementioned book helps women counter this problem. It explains the impulsive desire method triggering the pleasure hormones in men. It teaches them to learn the main principles to make him feel good about anything such that he loves to stay forever with her.

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